Watch the Webinar of the Information Session for the Call for Proposals “Strategic Partnerships for Capacity Development of CSOs in the EaP”

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On 27th of June our Project facilitated the Information Session for the EC’s Call for Proposals for Strategic Partnerships for Capacity Development of Civil Society Organisations in the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine), EuropeAid/164964/DH/FPA/Multi. If you missed it, you can now watch it online

This Call for Proposals aims to help establish a pool of highly capable and trusted organisations, with which the European Commission will sign Financial Framework Partnership Agreements (FFPA-s) in order to enhance cooperation and coordination of actions and initiatives which strengthen the role of CSOs as governance actors in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood. Together with current projects and future initiatives, these partnerships should increase the impact of EU capacity development actions across the wider Eastern Neighbourhood.

The global objective of this call for proposals is to strengthen the role of CSOs as governance actors in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood.

The specific objective(s) of this call for proposal are:

  • to establish a pool of framework partners that share’s EU’s vision on capacity development across the Eastern Neighbourhood and establish a framework of enhanced cooperation based on mutual interests and common general objectives;
  • to award specific grant agreements to a limited number of those framework partners, in order to increase capacities of CSOs and reinforce their role in the democratisation process in Eastern Partnership countries and the Russian Federation.

Within this Call for Proposals the EU is aiming to select a total of up to 12 strategic partners and conclude Financial Framework Partnership Agreements with organisations that through their vision and actions, including financial support to third parties:

  • design and test new ways (financing tools) to fund CSOs and work towards improving CSOs’ financial sustainability;
  • adjust capacity development programmes to the specificities of the local communities;
  • support CSOs in their own outreach and engagement with citizens and communities;
  • support the development of professional not-for-profit management and strengthen internal control and governance;
  • advance regional and thematic policy dialogue between civil society and relevant stakeholders.

Amongst the selected Framework Partners, specific grants will be awarded to a limited number of organisations in order to:

  • Conduct activities to strengthen the capacities of CSOs to participate in the democratisation process in Eastern Partnership countries and the Russian Federation and become better communicators of their work.
  • Provide Financial Support to Third Parties in Eastern Partnership countries and the Russian Federation, and provide step-by-step support in the implementation of project funding received through, coupled with oversight of the organisations’ own development strategies and ambitions.
  • Coordinate appropriately with EU Delegations and relevant donors on the implementation and monitoring of supported initiatives.

The call for proposals is divided into different lots per types of civil society actors. Framework Partnership and Specific Grant Applications must target one or two of the following lots:

Lot 1: Capacity building of CSOs in at least 3 countries of the Eastern Partnership and the Russian Federation

Lot 2: Capacity building of CSOs in Ukraine

The overall indicative amount made available under this call for proposals is EUR 5 000 000.

Deadline for submission of full application: 05/09/2019 at 12:00

To apply to this call for proposals, organisations must register in PADOR and submit their application in PROSPECT.


#IT4Society: 20 Ideas Go to 2019 EaP Civil Society Hackathon in Tbilisi

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Do you know what mobile apps for healthy life, educational online games for kids, crypto currency online platforms and websites for analysis of open data have in common? These are just some of the ideas submitted by civil society activists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine for the 2019 EaP Civil Society Hackathon.

This year we received over 65 applications with ideas seeking to improve the life of communities and people in the EaP countries.

We shortlisted 32 brilliant ideas and invited their authors to Kyiv on 24-25 May for the Regional Ideathon – an incubation meeting for civil society activists bringing them together with hackathon mentors to work on their projects.

A dedicated cyclist and activist, Denis Romanescu from Moldova wants to make life easier for fellow bikers from Chisinau: “I came to the Ideathon with the idea of an application for cyclists – an interactive map with the cycling infrastructure of Chisinau. It will contain routes, bicycle shops and clubs, bicycle services, – all that can make life easier for cyclists. Our main goal is to promote cycling in Moldova and have a positive impact on the environment in the country. I hope I will be able to get to the hackathon to bring the map to life with the help of developers and designers.

Young and proactive, Polina Pliskovskaya from Belarus wants to encourage people to recycle their waste and is trying to develop a game that would convince more people to start recycling: “I hope that participation in the Hackathon in Tbilisi will allow me to find an excellent team that will help me develop an application not only for Belarus, but also for other countries, as the problem of separate waste collection is a global problem and we should all be closer to Sweden with its rate of 99% of recycled waste.

Selecting only 20 out of the 32 ideas brought to the Ideathon was not easy and there was a lot of tension in the air when the final announcements were made and… some disappointment. But in the end the projects that were selected cover a lot of different topics (from health to recycling) and approaches (from chat bots to games and crowdfunding platforms).

Our 2019 EaP Civil Society Hackathon will take place in Tbilisi on 14-16 June. The 20 civil society activists selected in Kyiv will be joined by 40 tech professionals and graphic designers from all over the region. By the way, this year we received almost 70 applications from IT professionals and designers who wanted to work on our digital solutions / civic tech initiatives.

Hack teams will work on prototyping the 20 proposed solutions, drawing on the experience of guest speakers and mentors, with proven experience in civic tech initiatives, IT start-ups and consulting companies.

At the end of the Hackathon all participants and mentors will vote for the best digital solutions developed. The three top-scoring ideas will be nominated for the EU Civil Society Digitalisation Award and will compete for wining up to 10,000 Euro funding for the full development and launch of the digital tool.

We are looking forward to seeing all Hackathon participants in Tbilisi very soon!

And if you want to have more details, here are the ideas we will be working on in Georgia:


  • Health application: mobile app about vaccination, screening programs, healthy lifestyle and tips for future moms
  • Social Enterprise Fostering Initiative (SE Lab): web app on setting up and developing a social enterprise in Armenia, including online donations module


  • Crypto Donation: online platform for raising funds (donations) in crypto currency
  • SPENDONATE: mobile app enabling the allocation of the money paid for goods/services, for charity


  • Caring Lazy Control: chatbot for raising awareness about the mechanisms of cancer prevention, and self-assessment of users’ cancer risks
  • Smolevich 2.0: community platform for detecting and addressing local problems
  • TeenJob: web portal for young people to look for part-time employment, internships and training opportunities
  • RubbiSH: education online game on separate waste collection
  • MOB Community Mobilizer: mobile app for local small communities to detect and discuss relevant issues, vote for proposed solutions and ask for help
  • Neighbours’ Quest: online game for mobilizing local communities for small actions
  • fundraising platform for individual civil society activists and small actions (ad hoc approach)


  • It’s Never Late: mobile app for women about social services available with capacity building elements
  • My Voice: online crowdsourcing platform


  • Ciclismul Urban Chisinau: interactive map of cycling infrastructure of Chisinau


  • Transparent Lease: web platform for visualisation & analysis of open data on lease contracts for public property
  • Transparent Infrastructure: web platform for visualisation & analysis of open data on publicly financed infrastructure development projects
  • Busine$tep: education online game for kids on basics of entrepreneurship
  • Gluten Free: mobile app for people with gluten intolerance about reasons and risks, health recommendations, gluten level in edibles, etc.
  • Municipality chat bot for informing and communicating with residents of small towns, amalgamated communities, etc., on local issues
  • Inclusion in Action: interactive map on accessibility of public spaces in Odesa

2019 EaP Civil Society Hackathon: Registration is open!

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We are happy to announce that registration for our 2019 EaP Civil Society Hackathon is now open!

The Hackathon will be held in Tbilisi (Georgia) on 14-16 June 2019 and will be hosted by the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency.  It will bring together over 60 civil society activists, tech professionals and designers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to work on digital solutions and software projects that would enable civil society to contribute to reforms and democratic changes in their home countries.

For three days civil society activists and tech professionals will work together on digital solutions that would enable civil society organisations and activists better serve the needs of their communities, and help citizens participate in decision making. The best idea developed within the Hackathon will be nominated for our Civil Society Digitalisation Award and will get support of up to EUR 10,000 for full development and launch.

How to Apply:

To apply for the participation in the Hackathon please register here. The deadlines for submission of applications:

  • If you are a civil society activist with an idea for a digital solution, please apply before 29 April 2019!
  • If you are a tech professional or a graphic or web designer, please apply before 26 May 2019!

Please see the key dates of the 2019 EaP Civil Society Hackathon:

Who Can Apply:

Participation is open to all citizens of EaP countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) with  strong experience of civic work, regardless of their experience in working for a civil society organisation as such.

Applications from grassroots activists and young tech professionals from across the region are encouraged. More details.

What Ideas Can be Supported:

The EaP Civil Society Hackathons accept ideas of  solutions that empower the digital participation of civil society, improve transparency of public institutions and enable broader citizen involvement in decision making processes. This includes such areas as e-participation, e-transparency, open data, citizen mobilisation, citizen-to-citizen services, and civil society  transparency & accountability. For more details, read the Guidelines for Applicants.

The proposed solutions may cover one or several of the areas and be utilised by one or more EaP country. Ideas focused on engagement and mobilization of local and grassroot communities are encouraged.

Check our Infographics on which digital solutions we can support and read the Guidelines for Applicants for more details.

What’s New in the 2019 Hackathon:

This year we will hold our first EaP Regional Ideathon three weeks before the Hackathon. The Regional Ideathon is a 1.5 day incubation meeting of civil society activists – authors of ideas of digital solutions and hackathon mentors. The Ideathon will be held on 24-25 May 2019, in Kyiv, Ukraine. All shortlisted civil society activists who applied with an idea for adigital solution until 29 April will be invited to the Ideathon to present, improve and further develop their ideas. On the second day of the Ideathon, the mentors and the organisers will select 20 solutions for participation in 2019 EaP Civil Society Hackathon in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Digitalisation for Civil Society Award:

On the final day of the 2019 EaP Civil Society Hackathon, Hackathon mentors and participants will vote for the best digital tool developed during the Hackathon. Three top-scoring ideas will be nominated for the Digitalisation for Civil Society Award, a special facility to support the full-fledge development of the best tool designed at 2019 Hackathon. Based on the applications received, the Selection Committee will choose one of the nominated solutions for development and launch.

Check some video and photos from our previous Hackathons and visit our IDEA BANK for some ideas of digital tools developed by its participants.


Call for Applications to Participate in a New Blended Course on Digital Competences for CSOs in the Eastern Partnership countries

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Do you want to unleash the potential of digital technologies for your organisation and get new skills to improve your interaction with the world and increase the efficiency of your work?

Apply now for our new Blended Course “Digital Competences for CSOs” that will allow you to assess the current level of your organisations’ digital development, identify gaps and areas for improvement, build the organisations’ development strategies and plan new activities with the help of IT solutions. Deadline for applications:  23:00 (CET) on Sunday, March 10, 2019.

Who should participate:

The course is designed for CSO leaders and decision makers from local organisations, communities or informal groups from Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine. Leaders of CSOs from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova interested in taking the course may also apply to the current Call for Applications, however, please bear in mind that the country-specific content of the course is based on tools, cases and examples from the three pilot countries: Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine. Only 75 leaders of civil society organisations and activists’ groups from the EaP countries will be selected to participate in the course!

Why participate:

This course will help you increase the level of digital proficiency in your organisation or group and build your competences in five main areas: team collaboration and project management, digital safety and security, online communication, work with beneficiaries and other stakeholders, and utilisation of existing e-Democracy and e-Government tools.

How it works:

This Digital Competences for CSOs course is a blended course: it uses both online and offline capacity building exercises, including an online self-assessment test, three face-to-face workshops, each followed by individual homework and webinars, and online assessment tests. The selected participants shall participate in all online and offline capacity building activities taking place in their country. Participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova will be requested to travel and attend all modules in one of the pilot countries where face-to-face trainings are organised (Belarus, Georgia or Ukraine). The working languages of the course are English (with simultaneous translation to Russian in Belarus and Ukraine) and Russian.

When it happens:

The total duration of the course is 12 weeks (from March until June 2019). Planned online launch of the Course: 18 March 2019.  Please see the Indicative Time Schedule below for more details.

What you need to do now:

Step 1: Read the Guidelines for applicants carefully and check if you and your organisation/ group fulfill the eligibility criteri

Step 2Create your profile on the Course website and login

Step 3: Take the personal self-assessment and organisational self-assessment and keep the results at hand so you can include them in the application form.

Step 4: Fill in the online application form before 23:00 (CET) on Sunday, March 10, 2019


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